Rain Fall Down

Arranger: Rainbow Hospice Threshold Singers
Composer: Bayla Greenspoon
Lyricist: Bayla Greenspoon

Rain Fall Down 20151014

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Submitter Comments

I was living and working in Vancouver, BC (I am a Canadian by birth) and on my birthday (April 18) I was walking from my home to work. My career for 40+ years was in early childhood and multicultural education,¬†although I am now retired. Being as this was Vancouver, it was raining! To live there one must “make friends” with the rain or else be bothered and uncomfortable on a regular basis. Well, I was happily enjoying the walk in the rain and the first verse of the song came to me. I sang it a lot!

Strangely enough, the next year on my birthday I was again walking to work in the rain and the second verse arrived! I loved that the two verses moved from the personal to then speak of the other creatures with whom I share the earth. It then felt complete.

I brought the song to the Threshold choir in Santa Cruz about 20 years ago. At the time dear Kate Munger was leading the choir and she loved the song and added it to the repertoire. And then it was recorded on the Tenderly Rain CD.


Rain fall down on me, heal my body,
Rain fall down on me, heal my soul.
Rain fall down on all of creation,
Rain fall down on me, I am whole.

Rain fall down and feed all the creatures,
Rain fall down and feed Mother Earth.
Rain fall down on all of the children,
Telling them of life and rebirth.