Arranger: Elodie Perroud
Composer: Elodie Perroud
Lyricist: Elodie Perroud

Release 20210817

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Submitter Comments

The name ‘Release’ comes from the ever present reminder and life work to let go of the things holding us back from being ever present and loving. To release fear, release the busy mind, release worry, regret, self bullying, judgment of self or others. Allow peace to percolate though the intention of goodness, kindness. That we are holding, and loving, but also held and loved. We do this though our breath. Our breath is our being.

The blend recording starts with the entrance and then leads to the two parts both sung but panned voice 1 slightly left and voice 2 slightly right, the second time through with the repeat I removed the panning and have them fully mixed so the harmonies can be more fully appreciated.


Voice 1:
All in goodness. All in kindness. [repeated]

Voice 2:
All in goodness. All.
Holding, loving. Breathing, being.
Holding, loving. Breathing, being.