Remember Me

Arranger: Katharine Osburn
Composer: Katharine Osburn
Lyricist: Katharine Osburn

Remember Me 20150517

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Submitter Comments

“Remember Me” started as words in my head while driving and thinking about my daughter, Allyson, who was ill. I was looking for some way to capture her vitality and life force should she die, as she subsequently did. What do the survivors have after a loved one leaves this life? So these images and a melody came to me as a way to affirm that we can connect with our loved ones through song and memory and life-affirming images. katharine osburn

T2P:OK—Limited permission granted to share your own recording, as described here: Temporary 2020 Permission Details


Remember me, remember me.
I am the stars in the sky, the eagles that fly, I’m always nearby.

Remember me, remember me.
I am the waves on the sea, the ancient oak tree, reach out and touch me.

I’m in every breath you breathe as the wind blows.
I’m in the sunlight dancing on your hair.

Remember me, remember me.
I am the dark of the night, the moon’s silver light, I’m holding you tight.

Remember me, remember me.