Rest Easy

Arranger: Marilyn Power Scott
Composer: Marilyn Power Scott
Lyricist: Marilyn Power Scott

Rest Easy 20220806a

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Submitter Comments

One morning I awoke from a dream about trying to comfort a colicky baby, and this is how I was doing it. Mary Watts laughed at that, and said a colicky baby would be squalling way too loud to ever hear it. Funny. Shows how much I know about colicky babies!

Spanish language version: Descansa Suavecito

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[2022.08.06a—Songwriter’s email address updated.]

[2022.08.06—New version of the notation, with minor editorial changes and key lowered to match Descansa Suavecito (Spanish version). The previous version still ‘sings’.]


Easy, rest easy;
Let every trouble drift away.
Easy, rest easy;
Love enfolds you and holds you safe.

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