Resting in His Loving Arms

Arranger: Yvonne R. Glonchak
Composer: Yvonne R. Glonchak
Lyricist: Yvonne R. Glonchak

Resting in His Loving Arms 20200221a

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Submitter Comments

The process of writing ‘Resting in his Loving Arms’ began in late 2019 after joining the local Threshold group.

These words came to me at 330am one morning when I was praying for many friends who had asked for prayer.  I am a Secular Franciscan, so instead of “God’s”, “His” was the other fitting word that I thought could be used. I got up and took pen to paper and wrote the words down.

A few weeks passed and a melody was running through my mind and woke me up again very early.  When I got up that morning still humming what turned into the last phrase of the song, I turned on my computer and put the melody down in Crescendo.  Working from the end of the song to the beginning I had the melody and arranged the text to the melody.

By December 9, 2019, the song was done and submitted to TCI Ellen Rose.

His should be typed with a capital “H” that brings the significance of a higher being to mind.  As we sing to the client, it is my hope that the client would feel a sense of being surrounded by loving arms and being at able to rest and be at peace.

Resting in His loving arms, feel His peace surround you.
Rest Peacefully, Peaceful rest.  Rest.

Response was received on Feb 17, 2020, from Ellen Rose and by Feb 21, 2020, the song became an official Threshold Songs ‘Resting in His Loving Arms’.

[2020.02.21a—Composer’s email address changed.]


Resting in His loving arms,
Feel His peace surround you.
Rest peacefully,
Peaceful rest. Rest.