Room for the Next

Arranger: Marilyn Power Scott
Composer: Marilyn Power Scott
Lyricist: Marilyn Power Scott

Room for the Next 20150731a

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Submitter Comments

Caught in traffic one day, I had time to gaze at a multitude of small, pink flowers spangling the tall, dark, heavy trees that line Gutierrez Street. I had passed them unseeing many times. In a similar moment a week later, I saw that all the blooms had fallen. That observation gave rise to the thoughts that became the song.

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So many beauties blooming around us,
Each blossom making room for the next.
Season by season coming to fullness
Then moving on to make room for the next.

Each of us has our season to blossom,
Having the chance to give of our best.
None of us know the days we’ve been given
Before we leave to make room for the next.

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