Safe in the Arms of Love

Arranger: Patricia Hallam
Composer: Patricia Hallam
Lyricist: Patricia Hallam

Safe in the Arms of Love 20160625

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Submitter Comments

This song came as I was thinking of two dear friends of mine, one of which was about to undergo open heart surgery for the third time in her life and was feeling afraid of what lay ahead for her, and the other struggling with general issues of not feeling entirely safe in the world. I wanted to be able to sing each of them some kind of lullaby that would wrap them both in safety and love, and this song emerged from that state of wishing for them both to feel safe and held.

Sing the first verse through on melody in unison, then add the middle part on the second verse, add the low part on the third verse and sing all three parts as long as desired.

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1. You are safe in the arms of love.

2. You are here in the arms of love.

3. May you rest in the arms of love.

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