Shalom Aleichem (May Peace Be With You)

Arranger: Annie Garretson
Composer: Annie Garretson
Lyricist: Annie Garretson

Shalom Aleichem 20180412

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Submitter Comments

In 2017, Susan Hartman reached out to me to say that she and her choir in Ann Arbor, MI were wanting to sing more of our TC songs in other languages. She determined that the Hebrew could be fairly easily applied to the existing tune and, after a few minor tweaks, Shalom Aleichem joined the repertoire. With our current awareness of wanting to be more inclusive to reach people who speak other languages and who come from an array of faith traditions, I’m very happy to make this audio learning file available for our singers who may be challenged to read the music or need help pronouncing the words from the written lyrics. Thanks, Susan and Ann Arbor friends.

English language version: May Peace Be With You

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[2018.04.12 Very small modification in measure 2, changing beat 4 from a quarter note to an eighth rest and eighth note.]



May peace be with you.
Peace be with you now.
May peace be with you always.
Peace be with you, now and always.


Lyrics Translation:

Shalom aleichem.
Shalom aleichem hayom.
Shalom ad olam.
Shalom hayom v’ad olam.

Lyrics Translator: Susan Hartman


  • Hebrew