Arranger: Robin Kaminski
Composer: Robin Kaminski
Lyricist: Robin Kaminski

Shoreline 20201029 2UP

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Submitter Comments

A tag at the end of the last chorus sounds nice:
“We were always whole as”
“We were always whole as”
“We were always whole as one.”


Standing at tree line, the sky glows.
Whispering rhymes in the breeze.
Floating around me  as time flows.
All is ease.

Life is but a dream rowing up a stream.
Rest your paddle, home is won.
Come into my heart. We were never part.
We were always whole as one.

Standing at shoreline, a gull cries.
Hissing, a wave crash recedes.
Kissing my cheek  the spray flies by.
Feel no needs.


Sitting beside you, our hands hold.
Silently saying release.
Taking our time  the days unfold.
All is peace.