Sing With Me

Arranger: Leslie Kostrich
Composer: Leslie Kostrich
Lyricist: Leslie Kostrich

Sing With Me 20220829

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Submitter Comments

When I first joined the DC chapter of the Threshold Choir, Sarah Stott was co-director. The other co-director left a few months later; Sarah took on the title Administrative Director and Jan Booth became Music Director. I was becoming involved as a part of the administrative team, and nobody could have asked for better mentors in how to provide spiritual and practical leadership to a diverse group. These two dear friends also helped me grow into my appreciation of the beauty and importance of what we do.

When Sarah left us to move to Vermont, I wrote a song about friendship to be sung at her going away party. Two years later, when Jan said she was moving to Colorado, I began to work on this song, which we sang for her at her last rehearsal. The idea behind this song is that there is no distance sufficient to part true friends.

I am grateful to my Singing Friends in TSDC, particularly Faith San Felice, Amy Moroney, and Maggie Silberstein, for helping me adjust the notation to be closer to the way I sing the song.

[2022.08.29—significant revision.]


1) We feel love, and we feel loss.
They shape the path as we move along.
As far as you are in time and space,
I hear your voice when I sing this song.

Sing with me, my singing friends.
Sing with me now.
Sing with me, my singing friends.
We’ll cross the world to be together.

2) Life brings joy, and life brings pain.
We may feel both as we go through change.
I miss the dear friends no longer here.
I sing our songs and I feel them near.

3) Earth spins on through light and shade.
Loved ones may go but their spirits stay.
You lit a candle within my heart.
Its flame will burn while my heart beats.

Note:  Modify lyrics as you deem appropriate. For example, “my singing friends” can become “beloved friend,” “dear family,” etc.

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