Singing Heart, The

Arranger: Barbara Murphy-Sanders
Composer: Barbara Murphy-Sanders
Lyricist: Barbara Murphy-Sanders

The Singing Heart 20191024

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Submitter Comments

Every time I write a song, it comes from deep thoughts about life and the universe. The story behind “The Singing Heart” is this. A couple of years ago, there was a commercial on TV around Christmas.  A jewelry designer created the open heart so that love could flow in and out. In my thoughts, God sang the universe/the cosmos into existence. God is the Singing Heart who is always open in spreading love through the universe. Grace Fill started the Rainbow Hospice Threshold Choir, so she became the open singing heart that spread love to begin our choir. Now WE are the Open Singing Hearts every time we sing and send our love to the people we sing to, and we receive back their love.

[2019.10.24—correction to lyrics notated in the last line, now “It’s singing on…”.]

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The singing heart is always open.
The singing heart is alive and free.
The singing heart cannot be broken.
It’s singing on for eternity.