Soften the Hardness in My Heart

Arranger: Glenda Guinn-Gilles
Composer: Glenda Guinn-Gilles
Lyricist: Koshin Paley Ellison

Soften the Hardness 20210615

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Submitter Comments

The New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care co-founder, Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, presented a Dharma talk to a sangha gathering which I was attending virtually. He shared a touching personal story. One bitter cold NYC day he passed a person sitting on the curb begging for change. He put his head down to avert eye contact and walked past him. A block away he stopped as he realized his hand, warmly buried in his fleece pockets, was resting on a pocketful of change. He offered this plea to the universe, “Soften the hardness in my heart,” and returned to give the man his pocketful of change. His words moved me deeply as I began to think about the many times the hardness in my own heart has gotten in the way of my compassion, and this song grew from those thoughts.

Koshin gave his blessings for the usage of his words and story and wishes TCI the best as we share our hearts through song.


Soften the hardness in my heart.
Soften the hardness in my heart.
Soften, soften.
Soften the hardness in my heart.