Soften My Heart

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Kate Munger
Lyricist: Kate Munger

Soften My Heart 20170528

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this song for Patrick, a friend we met at San Quentin, who has the sweetest high tenor voice and most beautiful heart. He was released in March 2015 and has been living with cancer since then. He is a courageous and lovely man and every time I sing this song, I send loving, healing thoughts to him.

It’s a great song to begin a workshop, a bedside sing, really anything where you want to sink into feeling all feelings and be deeply aware of gratitude.

With Spanish partner song:  Soften My Heart / Suavizando Mi Corazón

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Soften my heart. Soften my heart.
Soften my heart. Soften my heart.