Sometimes It’s Just Time (To Let the Tears Come)

Arranger: Marcia Bernstein
Composer: Marcia Bernstein
Lyricist: Marcia Bernstein

Sometimes It's Just Time 20200813

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Submitter Comments

During the 2018 Threshold Choir All Choir Gathering in Boulder, CO, I attended a series of magical morning meditation sessions led by Kri Schlafer. As I was determinedly doing my best to clear my mind, the words and melodies continuously bubbled up with even more determination. I dedicate the song to Kri. I also sang Julie Slim and Lauren Lane Powell into each melody and phrase, bathing them in the message and holding them in my heart while the song labored and birthed itself. Thank you, Kri, for providing copious loving space to create; thank you, Julie, for receiving my song into your heart during a challenging time; and thank you, Lauren, for listening and giving me your blessing for this song in the weeks before you passed. — Marcia

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Sometimes it’s just time to let the tears come,
Waiting to be free
To pool or to flow, to hold or let go,
In you, in me.

Sometimes it is time to let the tears come,
Waiting to be free,
1) to breathe, to release
2) to grieve, to receive
3) to feel, to believe
4) to heal, to have peace
In you and in me.