In the Still of the Morning

Arranger: Lynne Kaufman
Composer: Lynne Kaufman
Lyricist: Lynne Kaufman

In The Still of the Morning 20191024

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Submitter Comments

[2019.10.24—Small correction made to m55 of the melody (in the alternate verse), to match m23 of the melody.]

T2P:OK—OK to share your own recording for this purpose.


In the still of the morning,
My heart beats slowly.
I breathe in the grace that’s surrounding me.
With sweet understanding,
I am in the space
Where my love goes on and on.

Alternate verse (verse 2):

In the still of the morning,
Hearts beat slowly,
Breathing in the surrounding grace.
With sweet understanding,
We become the space
Where love goes on and on.