Still Singing

Arranger: Peggy Cadbury and Annie Garretson
Composer: Peggy Cadbury
Lyricist: Peggy Cadbury

Still Singing 20200630 2UP

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Submitter Comments

After the initial lockdown following the Covid -19 pandemic,  I was moved by how courageously people, and especially frontline workers, rallied to meet the needs of our neighbors. I loved that we moved our rehearsals to Zoom, in order to stay connected and continue singing.

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We are thankful for the people who shelter in their homes,
And we are grateful to the workers who bravely do their part.
For these are strange and changing times,
And we know not what the future holds.
But [And] we will stand together while apart,
And we will stay connected with our hearts,
Renewed in spirit, held in love.
We are still singing.