Take a Breath

Arranger: Elodie Perroud
Composer: Carol Lynn
Lyricist: Carol Lynn

Take a Breath 20200704

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Submitter Comments

Singing suggestions: Sing the melody 2X. Add the low 2X. Then add the descant 2-3 times. Finish with the melody and low 1x-2x.

This song started as a way to soothe myself to sleep at night. I began singing it to my great-nephew Chase when he was born in 2018. It still calms him down. The low part came easily, and a fellow Davis TC member Elodie Perroud created the descant out of my rough ideas. She also made the beautiful sound files. The full song file has some variations on the descant; I encourage that.


Take a breath. Slow it down.
Let go of all your worries and just breathe.
Just breathe. Just breathe.