Time to Rest

Arranger: Charmaine Emery
Composer: Charmaine Emery
Lyricist: Charmaine Emery

Time to Rest 20220623

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Submitter Comments

We sang for many months to a dear woman as she transitioned. Ms H became more agitated as time went by, and I wrote this simple meditative song for her with few words and just two parts.

For those times, such as at the end of life, when oohing softly is the most comforting and appropriate, this song works well being oohed.

Our choir shies away from rounds at the bedside but enjoys singing this song as a round with the descant during rehearsal.

[2022.06.23—B-natural corrected to B-flat in measure 5 of the descant.]


Easy, rest easy.
Easy, rest easy.
Easy, rest easy.
Time to rest.