Together in Song

Arranger: Sue Ribaudo
Composer: Sue Ribaudo
Lyricist: Sue Ribaudo

Together in Song 20150219

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Submitter Comments

Looking for a great warm-up for my choir, I decided to write a “layered” song.  I started with the chord changes, then thought of short messages I wanted to relay.  I varied the rhythm and range of each part.  This song can be taught more quickly than a round because each group only has to memorize a short line.  Enjoy!

Can be taught quickly with four groups, each repeating just one line. Start with the bottom line (part 1), and add the others one at a time (part 2, 3, then 4).


  1. Bring on the voices. Bring on the voices. Bring on the voices together in song.
  2. Hearts are together and minds are together and we are together, together in song.
  3. My voice and your voice bring more voices together in song.
  4. Singing in harmony. Sing, sing, together in song.

Tags & Keywords: warm-up community gathering 4-part