Water Flows into a Stream

Arranger: Leslie Kostrich
Composer: Leslie Kostrich
Lyricist: Leslie Kostrich

Water Flows into a Stream 20201227

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Submitter Comments

I met Sarah Stott at my first Threshold Singers of DC rehearsal in 2015. Sarah was one of the co-directors. As our chapter began to grow, Sarah recruited more of us into leadership. In late 2016, a team from the PBS show Religion and Ethics Newsweekly did a short piece on our group. We are very lucky to have some video with Sarah describing what bedside singing is and what it means to her personally — it remains a great inspiration. Sarah and her spouse moved to a co-housing community in Vermont in 2017. I wrote Water Flows Into a Stream to be sung at Sarah’s going away party.



Water flows into a stream and turns it into a river.
Music touches a life and turns it into a song.
Sun shines on earth and seeds and grows them into a garden.
A friend comes into your heart and joins your family..