Way Will Open, The

Composer: Bernadette Burns
Lyricist: Bernadette Burns
Arranger: Bernadette Burns

The Way Will Open 20201210

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Submitter Comments

During the Covid-19 quarantine, all my work contracts were cancelled. I applied and was accepted to a spiritual-care training program and was looking forward to its beginning. A few days before I was to start, I was rejected from the program. The devastation I felt was soul-crushing. I went to a Catholic retreat center in hopes of regaining my equilibrium and staving off my tendency to spiral into depression. The nun who welcomed me to the center listened to my story. She said that wisdom from the Buddha may help me during my stay—”The way will open.” I was immediately inspired to write a song. Each day I walked in the ocean surf, I felt I was releasing the pain, tension, and sorrow from my body.


1) The Way, the Way will open. The Path will be made clear.

2) The heart, the heart will open, embracing all in love..

3) The fist, the fist will open, receiving gifts of light.

4) The jaw, the jaw will open, resounding words of peace.

5) The eyes, the eyes will open, to see the world anew.