We Can See You

Arranger: Betsy Bannerman
Composer: Betsy Bannerman
Lyricist: Betsy Bannerman

We Can See You 20220609

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this 3 months after my son Cody passed (December 28, 2020). March 23, 2021, would have been his 36th birthday. I was looking at a photo of him and felt his spirit strongly. I think this would be a good bedside song for someone transitioning.

[2022.06.09—Last line of lyrics changed to “Lullabies help ev’rything.”]


We (I) can see you soft tonight (today),
Like the glow of candlelight (candle ray).
Shows your spirit strong inside,
Lis’ning to your inner guide.
It’s a journey all your own,
But you will not be alone.
Try to rest now as we (I) sing:
Lullabies help ev’rything.