We Gather Together As Women (Brethren)

Composer: Echo Evensen
Lyricist: Echo Evensen
Arranger: Echo Evensen

We Gather Together 20200714

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Submitter Comments

Since the first phrase is “we gather together as women”, I added “brethren” to the title so as not to exclude any Threshold Choir singers.

[2020.07.14—Notation significantly revised.]

T2P:SW—OK to share this recording from the Napa Valley Threshold Singers CD for this purpose. (Click here to order the CD for just $2 to cover postage.)


We gather together as women (brethren)
To share our gift of song.
We honor ourselves and each other,
And know that here we belong.

Our spirits are joined together,
Our voices lift and rise.
Rejoicing in healing music,
And precious bonds that tie.

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