We Give Thanks

Arranger: Laura Hofer
Composer: Laura Hofer
Lyricist: Laura Hofer

We Give Thanks 20171022

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Submitter Comments

This song arose from my wonder as a child at seeing shadows cast by the moon. Let whatever fills you with awe and with gratitude inform your singing of this song.

Notice the tenuto mark () in the refrain. The tenuto means to allow a little extra time for the designated chord (“give”) before resolving it in the next chord (“thanks”). To use an analogy “give” is the moment when the swing pauses at the top of the arc. It is a subtle and significant moment. Just notice it and then settle into swinging again.

I dedicate this song to my parents, Gene and Geri Crawford.


For the shade of the maple,
For the greetings of friends,
For the cool of the blue-green lake,
For the wide open sky.
We give thanks.

For the scent of the lilac,
For the call of the crow,
For the moon casting shadows,
For the quiet of night.
We give thanks.

For the laughter of children,
For the tears that are shed,
For the kindness of mother earth,
For the blessing of life.
We give thanks.