Weight of the World

Arranger: Annie Garretson
Composer: Peggy Nes
Lyricist: Peggy Nes

Weight of the World 20170209

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Submitter Comments

Weight of the World was triggered by the 2011 Japanese Tsunami and the tragedy that followed. As more and more natural disasters hit and cause more danger to people and our planet, it has made me realize how much we all need to help each other.

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[2017-Feb-09 changes: Transposed down from A-major to F-major; first two notes of high harmony changed to unison with melody; word “tides” changed to “tide”. Sound file added.]


When the weight of the world gets heavy
And trouble rolls in like the tide,
May we stand up and help each other
Find comfort where love abides.

Tags & Keywords: difficulty unity hope