Welcome Home

Arranger: Kri Schlafer
Composer: Kri Schlafer
Lyricist: Kri Schlafer

Welcome Home 20160422

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Submitter Comments

The Portland Threshold Choir was called upon, one year, to sing at a veteran’s memorial celebration which was happening at the site of a temporary installation of the mobile replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. We received a specific request to sing a song to/for veterans who returned home and received anger and hatred rather than welcome or support. I went through our entire repertoire, song by song, and did not find one that fit exactly. Meanwhile, this song started to sing itself in me. __________ I want to say that when the words “thank you” came through, they were not easy to receive. I do not find it easy to say thank you to people whose job entails killing people. And yet, those were the words that came. They are not in any way meant to condone killing. They are meant so offer gratitude and recognition to so many who put themselves in danger, have been through hell, and do their jobs to the best of their ability and understanding. No easy thing, any of this. May the song and the singing help to reconcile…

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We see your face,
We hear your voice,
We call your name,
We hold you dear.

Welcome home. (Thank you.)
Welcome home. (Thank you.)
Welcome home. (You are here, welcome home.)