We’ll Say Good-bye

Arranger: Sue Ribaudo
Composer: Sue Ribaudo
Lyricist: Sue Ribaudo

Well Say GoodBye 20150223

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Submitter Comments

I have lived in many different states, and writing this round helped me make a better transition from Delaware to Ohio. Our kids were young and we were active in our local church.  I directed the children’s choir and the bell choirs and taught this song to the people gathered for our going away party.  “Love can stay even when we go”.

For a memorial service, the last line could say “Good-bye, we’ll remember you.”

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We’ll say good-bye but this I know:
Love can stay even when we go.
It’s hard to leave but when we’re gone,
Mem’ries still go on.
Good-bye ’til we meet again.

Tags & Keywords: community remembrance