On the Wings of a Dove

Arranger: Kathy Heise
Composer: Kathy Heise
Lyricist: Kathy Heise

On the Wings of a Dove 20150609

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Submitter Comments

My Mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s during the time I wrote this. I live in Indiana, and had taken a break from work so that I could travel to help care for her in Nebraska. It was hard for her to understand complex lyrics or contexts of songs, so I wrote this so that she had simple words with symbols of peace and joy (she loved looking at clouds.) I sang it to her when she passed away in Dec of 2016.


On the wings of a dove, I’ll carry you home.
In pillows of clouds, I’ll carry you home.
With the breath of the wind, I’ll carry you home.
Angels and I will carry you home.