You Are Beautiful

Arranger: Kate Schuyler
Composer: Kate Schuyler
Lyricist: Kate Schuyler

You Are Beautiful 20170208

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Submitter Comments

(2016) While making a collage for my daughter several years ago, I came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s calligraphed “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself.” I loved its message, which spoke to a young, tender part of myself. A few years later my daughter was finding her way through some hard times, and the song started to emerge as a way to support her. After several more months, it came fully alive. May it support you in being your own beautiful selves.

(2021) A few months after I wrote the song, I was in Assisi, Italy, for a conference. While wandering around the town during a break one afternoon, I found a beautiful, small church close to the top of the hill. With no one else present, I took the opportunity to sing, was thrilled with the resonance of the space, and managed to record each of the parts between visits by other tourists. As evidence of its being a spontaneous, live recording session, you may notice a variation from the notation in one spot in the low part.


You are beautiful, be yourself.
After all, everyone else is taken.
You are beautiful, be yourself.
May your fullness awaken.

You are beautiful, you belong
In this world. Sing out with love your own song.
You are beautiful, you belong.
Living, loving, growing strong.

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