You Are Not Alone

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Kate Munger
Lyricist: Kate Munger

You Are Not Alone 20161204

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Submitter Comments

This is the song I wish I had written early in the life of the choir. It took me 11 years to have the awareness that, sometimes, the fact that I am sitting at this bedside is all I know. And all I can know.

It is a comforting, soothing, connecting song and I love to sing it. I loved it too when Melanie DeMore turned it into a rocking reggae number at Zellerbach Hall at UCB last month.

I felt honored to bring it to Kim’s mother Yvonne’s bedside. I see their faces so clearly; I witnessed such love and respect from Kim to her mom as she died. It is also a song that I feel honored to sing in Spanish to the LGBTQ refugees in the OLAS project…each one has fled their native country where they were persecuted for their gender and loving preferences. Each one is still living in fear here in the US. I watched this song give comfort and the temporary feeling of safety to many of these brave people.

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  1. You are not alone; I am here beside you.
    You are not alone; I am here now.
  2. I am not alone; you are here beside me.
    I am not alone; you are here now.
  3. We are not alone; we are here together.
    We are not alone; we are here now.



Lyrics Translation:

  1. Sol@ no estás; junto a ti yo ‘stoy.
    Sol@ no estás; yo estoy aquí.
  2. Sol@ no estoy; tú estás conmigo.
    Sol@ no estoy; tú estás aquí.
  3. Estamos aquí; no estamos [email protected].
    Estamos aquí; [email protected] aquí.

Lyrics Translator: Helen Couture-Rodriguez


  • Spanish

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