As You Dream

Arranger: Kay Holsinger and Susan Hartman
Composer: Kay Holsinger
Lyricist: Kay Holsinger

As You Dream 20181116 2UP

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Submitter Comments

I frequently have insomnia. One night, as I was tossing and turning in bed, desperately hoping to get to sleep, the words and melody for “As You Dream” came into my head. Much as I tried to ignore the song, wishing to doze off, it was firmly implanted and unwilling to be denied. I took out the pen and paper I keep in my nightstand and wrote the words and music in the dark. Then sleep came. On a later day, after a few tweaks to the words and melody, I added the low harmony. The descant was contributed by friend and Ann Arbor choir member Susan Hartman.



As you dream of flowers in a meadow,
As you dream of peaceful flowing streams,
As you dream of golden eagles soaring,
As you dream of softly falling leaves:
May all love and joy be with you;
May all blessings hold you while you sleep;
May the songs of angels gently guide you;
May your heart forever be at peace.