As You Go

Arranger: Kri Schlafer
Composer: Kri Schlafer
Lyricist: Kri Schlafer

As You Go 20200110

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Submitter Comments

I had the privilege to accompany a member of my mindfulness community as he received his diagnosis, went through treatment, and reckoned with his living with and dying from pancreatic cancer. One day as I was driving to work, I just sat with the tenderness of it all. I asked myself what I would want to know, what I would want to hear, if it were me in his place. And this song came. I had the chance to sing it with him while he was still alive, and he requested I sing it at his memorial service as well. I still feel him alive in me, and in this song. Thank you for your beautiful, courageous and honest living and dying, Gregg…

[2020.01.10—Very small correction, replacing “when” by “as” in the last phrase of the last verse. Should be “Love is with you as you go.”]


  1. All the trees in the forest, all the flowers in the garden,
    All the wild weeds, they are with you as you go.
  2. All the creatures of the land, all the birds in the air,
    All that swims in the sea, they are with you as you go.
  3. All the people of the world, all your fam’ly and your friends,
    All your beloved ones, they(we) are with you as you go.
  4. All the grounding of the earth, all the freedom of the sky,
    All the warmth of the sun, they are with you as you go.
  5. Where so e’er your path may lead, where so e’er your journey goes,
    Love is with you now, love is with you as you go.

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