For You I Sing

Arranger: Melanie DeMore
Composer: Peggy Nes
Lyricist: Peggy Nes


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Submitter Comments

This was the 1st “threshold” song I ever wrote & was inspired by a local woman we had just sung for. She was actively dying & her breathing was labored. Her son was there beside her & her other children were on their way. I wanted to give her a song that would include images of her long life here in these mountains, her children, the transition she was making “across”, & a slow rhythm that would move with her breathing. The song came together as soon as I got home after this sing. She passed that night.

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For you I sing the light that brings
The voices of the children,
Of golden leaves on bending trees,
The wind that blows them over,
Across the hills and canyons wide
To touch the water flowing,
And all along the mountainside,
Beyond the fields of clover.

For you I sing the colors bright
Dancing on the rainbow
That moves across the darkened sky,
A bridge that crosses over
To all the places we have been,
To those whose love has carried
Us like the birds who rise on wings
Through the clouds and over.

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