By Your Side

Arranger: Diana Shapiro
Composer: Diana Shapiro
Lyricist: Diana Shapiro

By Your Side LONG

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Submitter Comments

This song is dedicated to my own East Bay choir, and also to the Santa Cruz choir, in the wake of Kelsey’s passing, in honor of the love and devotion we have for one another as Threshold Choir singers.


In your laughter, in your tears,
I am here by your side.
In times of joy, in times of fear,
I am here by your side.
Everything changes and passes by;
Only love will never die.
In the darkness, in the light,
I’ll be right by your side.


Lyrics Translation:

Constante en mi amor,
Aqui estoy junto a ti.
En tu alegra, en tu temor,
Aqui estoy junto a ti.
Todo pasa y cambia;
Lo que cuenta es el amor.
Me entrego desde hoy,
Aqui estoy junto a ti.

Lyrics Translator: Diana Shapiro and Helen Couture-Rodriguez


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