Threshold Choir Nola

Threshold Choir Nola

photo by John Snell (used with permission)


Thank you for stopping by to check out our web page. Whether you are here to inquire if we can sing at your venue or to join our mission as a vocalist, please take the time to read our story. We live in a city known for its music, so what better way to honor our city’s tradition than by lending our voices to those who need our special music during a tender time in their lives.

Our chapter lovingly came into being on August 26, 2016. Since then, our members have shared their voices with those at the thresholds of life: sick, hospitalized, bereaved, terminally ill, those ready to cross over, or those in need of the solace and comfort our gentle songs bring. We sing in groups of 3-4 at the bedside in nursing homes, hospice, memory care facilities, hospitals, and private homes. Our full membership sings at celebration of life events.

We offer our gift of song to those in metro New Orleans and its suburbs free of charge.

Rehearsals are held at Lambeth House, 150 Broadway Street, New Orleans 70118.

For further information about Threshold Choir Nola, please call Hermene at (504) 258-1966 or email [email protected].