Our Insurance Coverage (U.S. only)

The Board has received a lot of questions about what our insurance covers. Here is a statement from our insurance carrier:

"The General Liability insurance covers your members while singing or practicing for the Threshold Choir, whether that is in private homes, hospitals, churches, community centers, etc. If there were a claim which arose from their use of that venue, the General Liability would cover it. If a venue wants proof of insurance, I [the insurance agent] could supply a certificate of insurance to them, and even name the venue as "Additional Insured" if they required this. 

The Accident policy covers your members for medical payments if they should hurt themselves while working or volunteering for the Threshold Choir. It is excess over their own medical insurance, but would be primary if they did not have any."

Note that this insurance covers active Threshold Choir members in all United States except Alaska (due to prohibitive costs there). Insurance coverage is not currently provided for members outside of the United States.

If you need a certificate of insurance to rent or use a venue, please contact the Threshold Choir office, [email protected].

2017 May 11