Submitting Your Song: Process & Elements

Submitting Your Song: Process & Elements

Dear Member Songwriters,

Over the years, Threshold Choir has been blessed with beautiful songs, written by members like you, growing out of your own experiences as beside singers. Songs written by members – seasoned and fledglings alike – will continue to be welcome additions to our repertoire. We serve others and further the mission and vision of the Threshold Choir through the repertoire, and we deeply appreciate your contributions. To aid in the preservation of our treasured repertoire, here is a summary of what is needed to add a song to the repertoire and have it published on our website. More details about each element, and the ways we can assist you with them, appear below. 

You may contact us at any time with questions, to get help you might need, or for more information: [email protected]

Required Repertoire Song Elements 

Standard Notation

Song score with parts on individual staves, with lyrics, credits, etc. If you will be using your own software program to create the notation, click here to see style and formatting guidelines.

Audio Learning Files 

Recordings, vocal versions strongly preferred, with each part audible, making it easy for members to learn (for example: “Guide Me”). We recommend each part be featured in the order the songwriter prefers the song unfold, then all parts heard blended, as you’d like at bedside.

Legal Permission

The final step, after all elements have been submitted, will be for you to grant permission for the Threshold Choir to publish the song on our website. Click here to preview the Song Licensing Agreement.

Optional Repertoire Song Elements

Song Story 

How did this song come about? Learning more about what inspired your song can help members connect with it and sing it with greater intention.

Songwriter Profile

Knowing more about you helps us all stay connected.    

Links to CD or other digital recordings so that members can listen to other versions of your song.

Suggested Considerations & Trials Prior to Submission

The following information has been refined over our years of experience in helping songwriters move through the songwriting process, and incorporates guidance to help from your first inspired notes or lyrics to your song finding a home in our repertoire. 

Here are some steps we suggest you follow before submitting a song for publication. Penelope Salinger, one of the TC’s seasoned songwriters, refers to this as “fully cooking” a song, and encourages keeping an open mind about changes or adjustments you might want to make before you truly consider your song finished and ready for publication.

Will most members be able to learn the parts of your song and sing them well? Is the vocal range “singable” by most members? Keep in mind that many of our members do not sight read or have extensive musical or vocal training and experience.  

  • Teach the song to your choir, and be open to their feedback about it. 
  • Sing it at bedside to see how it is received.
  • Share your song and get feedback from other experienced Threshold Choir songwriters – we can help match you up with someone who can share their expertise. 

Your Song’s Alignment with the Threshold Choir

To confirm that your song is the right fit for inclusion in our repertoire, the Threshold Choir Mission Statement and Purpose of Repertoire all provide guidance. (Links provided here for your convenience.)

During your song creation process, we encourage you to consult with the repertoire team about it through this Google Form. Submitting the form, as well as working with members  of our team, can help you through the necessary steps to move your song along as a potential addition to the repertoire.