Threshold Choir of Pacific Grove

photo of window
photo by Susie Joyce

What We Offer

​The Threshold Choir of Pacific Grove honors the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of individuals who are ill or dying. We offer this service to hospitals, hospices, and homes in the Monterey Bay Peninsula area. We sing in groups of 2 or 3, drawing from an extensive repertoire of nondenominational songs of compassion, sung in a soothing, lullabye style. Threshold Choirs are made up of primarily women's voices.

The singers of Threshold Choir volunteer their time to offer this gift of comfort to those in transition. We do not charge for this service, but donations are gratefully accepted to cover our expenses.

To request bedside singers, please contact us by email.

Seeking Choir Members

We are seeking additional members to meet demand for bedside singers. We invite singers who feel drawn to this work to join us at rehearsal. We meet every Tuesday evening at various locations in Pacific Grove, practicing and hospice singing on alternate weeks. In addition to the joyful experience of singing the sweet songs of the Threshold Choir together each week, there are opportunities for members to attend regional and national Threshold Choir gatherings that offer support, community, and skill-building. There is no audition for the choir, but members must be able to sing on pitch, blend their voices with others, convey compassion, and hold a harmony part (or be willing to learn this skill).

If you are interested singing with the Threshold Choir of Pacific Grove, please contact us by leaving a message at (707) 815-0745 or by email.