Portland Threshold Singers

Portland Threshold Singers

photo of "threshold" on beach

What We Offer

We sing for people crossing life’s thresholds: birth, death, sickness, struggle, growth, change, and celebration. We choose songs to respond to the musical tastes, spiritual traditions, and needs of those we serve. Our songs carry messages of love, strength, comfort, healing, peace, and joy.

When invited, we sing in groups of two or three in private homes, care facilities, and hospitals in Portland, Oregon. We sing in larger groups at contemplative events. Through voice and song, we offer presence, care, support  companionship on the path.

Our service is our gift; there is no charge. We gratefully accept donations. Please click HERE to donate. Portland Threshold Singers is a 501(c) (3) organization; donations are tax deductible.

Singing With Us

If you are drawn to this work, if you are nourished by music and wish to be of service, you have some of the core qualities we seek. If you can carry a tune, hold a part, blend your voice with others, and share kindness with your voice (or sincerely want to learn), consider joining us. We welcome new singers periodically, in cohorts.

Contact Us

To request singers or to inquire about becoming a singer, please call (971) 217 – 6071 or contact us by email.