SAVE—Ordering Rack Cards

photo of rack cards on table

You may want to consider having rack cards for your chapter. You can use them on welcome tables at various events, and you can leave them in racks at hospices and other agencies where you sing, with the permission of the staff. An ideal rack card is attractive and has information about Threshold Choir and how to contact you. Here is an example of a rack card (PDF) for the Vashon Threshold Choir.


If you would like rack cards for your chapter, Kay Caldwell would be delighted to customize and create print-quality PDF files for you. You can then use the PDF files to order rack cards from the Vistaprint website or from another printer.

photo of rack cards in rack

Here's what to do —

Send email to Kay Caldwell with the desired text for your chapter. The amount of text should be similar to the amount on the Vashon example, which has about 130 words. Also send Kay a photo. You must have permission from the photographer and any people in the photo. Here's some suggested photo release text that you can use to get their permission by email. Kay will send you one PDF file for the front of the rack card and one PDF file for the back of the card.

Go to the Vistaprint website. From the top menu bar, choose Business > Advertising and Marketing > Rack Cards. Then choose Upload a Complete Design. You can upload the files for the front and the back of the rack card.

You can order 50 cards from Vistaprint for about $30 plus shipping, or you may receive better offers from Vistaprint if you have already ordered something from them. Vistaprint rack cards are 3.74 x 8.27 inches after being cut.

If you would prefer to get rack cards from a different printer, please find out what sizes they offer. Other printers offer 3.5 x 8.5 inches or 4 x 9 inches. Kay will make you a PDF file of the correct size for your printer.