Rainbow Threshold Singers Guiding Principles

Rainbow Threshold Singers Guiding Principles

We are the Rainbow Threshold Singers (RTS).

We are a group of women whose hearts and voices are in tune with healing and love. We offer comfort to those at the thresholds of life.

We honor the unique and diverse talents and gifts of our choir members.

We create a sacred space in practice to support, train and replenish ourselves as singers. We focus primarily on singing at bedside; on occasion, we also respond to other requests to sing, when they are consistent with our mission to be a source of musical solace.

We all as members honor our commitment to those we serve by maintaining and enhancing our choir. This sacred space depends upon its members embracing responsibilities that include but are not limited to the learning and teaching of our music, practice planning, coordination of bedside singing and administrative duties in support of our mission.

We are inclusive, supportive and respectful of each other as we blend our voices in service.

We seek to make kindness audible.