Redbud Threshold Singers

Redbud Threshold Singers

watercolor of a tree covered with pink blossoms, growing out of a light green lawn

Watercolor by Judith Roark, Friends House Retirement Community,
Sandy Spring, Maryland. Used with permission.

The Redbud Threshold Singers serve the western half of El Dorado County, California. We sing at a memory care facility in Cameron Park and at several care facilities in Placerville. Our group’s name is taken from the lovely Western Redbud, cercis occidentalis, which splashes the gray green foothill chaparral with fuchsia in April.

Our mission is to sing at bedside for those at the thresholds of life. While we occasionally sing to those at end of life, we most often sing to those facing long-term care.

Our “singing goal” is to blend our voices into one soothing, harmonic sound. You do not have to be a trained singer to sing with us, but you do need to be able to sing on key and hold your part while someone sings harmony next to you.

We welcome people of all faith traditions. We are a secular choir and have several songs from different faiths in our repertoire, like “In the Garden,” “Metta Sutta,” and “Sh’ma Yisrael” because our clients occasionally ask for a faith song. Our body of songs is composed of songs written specifically for the Threshold Choir and oldies we hope our clients will recognize and enjoy. For many of our clients, music is a happy link to their pasts.

To request singers or to visit a rehearsal, please contact us by email.