Santa Cruz Threshold Singers

Singing at Bedsides

We offer the gift of our voices at tender times. When invited, we sing at bedsides in groups of 2 or 3 to offer comfort and compassion. We sing at the thresholds of life, for hospice patients, for those who are healing, and for people facing challenges. We sing for those surrounded by loving family and for those alone at the end of their lives. We honor all spiritual paths but have no religious affiliation. We hope through our gentle songs to create moments of grace in difficult times. Our songs are simple messages of love, life, and heart. Families and caregivers are welcome to join us in song or to participate by listening. Our voices are our gift; there is no charge.

photo of two women

We serve the greater Santa Cruz area, San Lorenzo Valley, and Watsonville, California, including Hospice of Santa Cruz County and Heartland Hospice.

Singing with Us

We are a choir of women's voices, and we welcome new members. There are no auditions. We ask that you have a pleasant singing voice, a desire to learn the songs we sing,
and an interest in our service work. We rehearse on Tuesday evenings in private homes and at senior facilities.

Santa Cruz Threshold Choir in the News

Featured in "Music HEALS", Good Times, January 2012

Contact Us

To request singing at a bedside or for information about rehearsals, call (831) 854-7756 or contact us by email.