Threshold Choir Plan of Corrective Action with Chapter Non-Compliance

Threshold Choir Plan of Corrective Action with Chapter Non-Compliance

As is true for all organizations, Threshold Choir has policies that direct the way we function together. Policies that are particularly relevant to the day-to-day functioning of Threshold Choir chapters include the requirements:

  • for all bedside singers to be active members of Threshold Choir,
  • to forward donations to the Threshold Choir Home Office,
  • to use donated funds only for those items or activities that support the choir’s mission,
  • to submit monthly reports on chapter activities to the Home Office, and
  • to share the Threshold Choir repertoire with choir members only, unless song writers provide permission to do otherwise.

Copies of all policies are available on the Threshold Choir website.

Compliance with these policies is necessary for the effective operations of the choir, and it is assumed that all chapters and members are willing and able to do so. In the event of non-compliance, we begin with the belief that the non-compliance is unintentional, and that necessary change will result from the chapter’s receipt of education, support and resources as needed.

The following outline describes the steps that will be taken to support chapter compliance and the outcome of continuing non-compliance.

  1. The Executive Director (ED) brings the matter to the chapter leader’s attention.
  2. The ED meets with the chapter to discuss the issue and correction action, with the discussion to include:
    • What is the problem?
    • What does the chapter leader say about the problem?
    • Does chapter leader understand the policy?
    • What are the steps needed to resolve the problem?
    • What support (if any) does the chapter leader need to resolve the problem?
    • What is the timetable for these steps?
    • Monthly reports and Current membership – completed within 30 days
    • Donations – compliance starts with next donation submission
    • Repertoire – immediate and ongoing compliance with policy
    • Who else needs to be involved?
    • What are the consequences if action plan is not followed?
  3. The ED has a follow-up meeting with the chapter leader to assess chapter compliance.
  4. If compliance is not met consistent with the time table, steps will be taken to dissolve the chapter.