Ultra Sounds Threshold Singers of Boca Raton

Ultra Sounds Threshold Singers of Boca Raton

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We are the Ultra Sounds Threshold Singers of Boca Raton, made up predominantly of medical students in the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. We believe in the healing power of music and, like other Threshold Choir chapters, we softly sing non-denominational songs of peace, comfort, and healing at bedsides for people who are sick or dying. We also do our best to offer hymns and special song requests as we are able. When invited by a family member or caregiver, we offer this gift of “service through song” free of charge, and it is our honor and privilege to share this journey with those at life’s threshold.


We sing in the Boca Raton area, and presently sing weekly at the VITAS in-patient Housing Unit in Delray Beach. We also sing for others upon request, when available.

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If you can carry a tune, are able to listen to and blend with others, and can communicate kindness with your voice, you are welcome to join us for a rehearsal and to learn more about Threshold Choir singing. We rehearse on the FAU campus, and you must contact us in advance to attend. Our rehearsals are usually Tuesday evenings.


All members of our group must be active members of Threshold Choir, by making an annual contribution to this nonprofit organization. This membership provides benefits including online access to hundreds of song files and sheet music, as well as admission to online training sessions and workshops.


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