Voices of Love Threshold Choir

Voices of Love Threshold Choir

Where We Sing

We sing by invitation at bedsides, in hospice facilities, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, and private residences. We sing a cappella in small groups all over Atlanta, Georgia, and its outlying suburbs. As a group, we are from diverse backgrounds and have no specific religious association. Likewise, we sing for individuals of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Sessions are brief and are our gift. There is no charge for our service.

Joining Our Chapter

We welcome new members to our choir. There are requirements we would like you to consider as you decide if our group is a good fit for you.

The international Threshold Choir organization asks that you:

  • Be able to carry a tune
  • Be able to hold your part while others sing harmony
  • Be able to sing softly and blend your voice with others
  • Be able to communicate kindness with your voice

In order to honor this gift, we ask that you attend twelve rehearsals and memorize the melody part of all of the core songs before requesting approval to do a bedside sing. Singing at bedsides comes in time, when each singer is ready.

We are currently meeting to rehearse, share information, and support each other at Emory Presbyterian Church on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Contact Us

If you are interested in singing with us, please contact Susan Patterson by email.

To request the gift of song for a loved one, please contact our scheduling organizer, Rose Watkins, by email.

We look forward to meeting and singing with you soon!