Bedside Singing Policy / Membership Agreement (Form)

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Vision: A world where all at life’s thresholds may be honored with compassion through song

Mission Statement: Singing for those at the Thresholds of Life

Threshold Choir Membership

The Threshold Choir is a volunteer network of a cappella singers who gently sing for and with those at the thresholds of life in communities around the world. Members of the organization are eligible for the following:

  • Bedside Singer training
  • Connection to a vibrant community of singers
  • Permission to represent Threshold Choir
  • Liability insurance coverage for Bedside Singers
  • Participation in Threshold Choir community events
  • Attendance at Threshold Choir national and regional gatherings
  • Access to the Threshold Choir website including:

    • Members only page with calendars of events
    • Education for directors and singers
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Threshold Choir repertoire & sound files

Members of the Threshold Choir International present a kind and compassionate presence to those for whom we sing as well as toward one another. Guided by our maxim, “kindness made audible,” we hold deeply the value of words, whether spoken or written, that are kind, true, and necessary, and which improve on the silence. We commit to practicing compassionate communication, to listening for what is true in every communication and to speaking with clarity and kindness.

When invited to the bedside, we offer only our gift of song. In this capacity, we do not initiate touch, but honor and comply with protocols in the medical environment, which restricts touching to those who are licensed to do so. We refrain from assisting patients and seek assistance of a facility provider or personal caregiver when needs such as repositioning, eating or drinking arise.

Membership Agreement

  1. I agree to maintain member status in the Threshold Choir International through annual dues, adherence to organizational policies and participation in a local chapter.

  2. I agree to not initiate touch or assist patients with caregiver responsibilities at the bedside.

  3. I agree to demonstrate a respectful demeanor when representing Threshold Choir. 

  4. I agree to communicate with kindness and compassion toward all members of our Threshold Choir community and the people we serve.

Updated:  February 14, 2018

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