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We Offer Our Songs” is a compilation of 21 bedside songs written by members of the Napa Valley Threshold Choir. Songs are recorded in order, from gathering songs, peace and healing songs, to crossing over songs. Please do not listen to this CD while driving or operating heavy machinery — it can create extreme relaxation.

Songs included:

  1. We Offer Our Songs
  2. We Gather Together As Women
  3. We Are Around You
  4. Happy Times
  5. Ripples Of Harmony
  6. Picture Yourself
  7. Breathe In Healing Power
  8. Gently Rest Your Mind
  9. Angel Wings
  10. Love That Holds All Hearts
  11. Peace Holding You Now
  12. Breath Of Night
  13. You’ve Done Well
  14. Love Will Cross You Over
  15. Beautiful Light
  16. Gentle Dreams
  17. May Your Dreams Gently Hold You
  18. This Too Shall Pass
  19. Trust And Release
  20. May You Be Well
  21. Graceful Flow

CDs are $8 each, which includes postage.
Please send checks payable to Sudie Pollock, Box 2183, Napa CA 94558.

T2P:SW—Special Offer: For this purpose, we will be happy to send you a CD for just $2 to cover postage.

Please email Sudie at [email protected] to order CDs.