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1. Into the Heart of the One
2. Welcome Home
3. You Are Beautiful
4. I’ll Walk With You
5. Calming, Resting, Breathing
6. Love Come
7. I Hope You Knew
8. Equanimity
9. Gentle Waves
10. O My Heart
11. Soul Meets Winter
12. Safe in the Arms of Love
13. Shine
14. Little Bird
15. May Only Love Surround You
16. As You Go
17. Shine (Reprise)

As You Go—Song-prayers to accompany those crossing life thresholds— birth, death, sickness, struggle, growth, celebration, change.  Sung a cappella by 6 singers of the Portland Threshold Choir, these songs invite the listener into a space of intimate presence and care. Released in 2016. All songs are part of the official Threshold Choir repertoire.

Pricing: $15 each
Bulk Discount: 10 or more CDs, $12 each
Please contact Kri at [email protected] to order CDs.
Also available for MP3 download on Amazon.com: HERE and Google Play: HERE


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