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Released in 2024.

  1. Song Upon Waking
  2. Morning Lullaby
  3. Psalm Twenty Three
  4. Shalom
  5. I Am Still
  6. Tender
  7. Until You Know
  8. It’s True
  9. Take Heart
  10. One Step
  11. Return to the Source
  12. Strengthen
  13. I Will Remember You
  14. Beauty
  15. Peaceful Evening
  16. Morning Lullaby duet

When I see my favorite herb Yerba Buena twining on the cover of the CD and the first lyrics are “Fresh, clear, all is new,” I know I’m in for a treat.
I could write endlessly about the details of the new CD “Take Heart” from the Portland Threshold Voices AND I’ll challenge myself by mentioning my favorite 4…

~There is an earnest, luxurious and centered quality about their singing. They have lived with these songs for five years preparing to record (with a delay named “Covid) and you can hear them sinking into the joyful experience of singing together.
~Kri Schlafer’s utterly original melodies seem curious at first listen; when the harmonies enter they feel like they become a precious enchantment.
~Lynne Joy Nesbit’s arrangement of the 23rd Psalm offers graceful movement of harmonies lifting both familiar and less familiar lyrics.
~Patricia Hallam’s Shalom sounds like it could have been written hundreds of years ago. The dissonances that flow into the middle of the song remind us how challenging it is to achieve peace and the simple unison ending is hauntingly beautiful. And that’s just the first 4 songs.

Kate Munger

Released in 2016.

1. Into the Heart of the One
2. Welcome Home
3. You Are Beautiful
4. I’ll Walk With You
5. Calming, Resting, Breathing
6. Love Come
7. I Hope You Knew
8. Equanimity
9. Gentle Waves
10. O My Heart
11. Soul Meets Winter
12. Safe in the Arms of Love
13. Shine
14. Little Bird
15. May Only Love Surround You
16. As You Go
17. Shine (Reprise)

Song-prayers to accompany those crossing life thresholds— birth, death, sickness, struggle, growth, celebration, change.  Sung a cappella by 6 singers of the Portland Threshold Singers, these songs invite the listener into a space of intimate presence and care. All songs are part of the official Threshold Choir repertoire.

Pricing: $15 each + shipping
Bulk Discount: 10 or more CDs, $12 each
Please contact Kri at [email protected] to order CDs.
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