Cache Valley Threshold Singers

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Logan, Utah

Who We Are

Cache Valley Threshold Singers, formed in 2020 in Logan, Utah, is made up of women who sing spiritual and comforting songs at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or at the threshold of life and death. We are a chapter of the international Threshold Choir organization, established in 2000 by Kate Munger. There are nearly 200 chapters around the world.

We are all volunteers who gladly sing for those who call on us, considering it an honor to sing at bedside. We look forward to serving the surrounding communities in Cache Valley with comforting songs in difficult times.

What We Do

When invited to bedside, our members sing gentle, spiritual music to offer ease and comfort to those who are suffering or near the end of life. We sing in care facilities, hospitals, and private homes. Our members visit in groups of 3 to 4, singing a cappella, for about 20 minutes. We come when invited by individuals, family members, or by hospice or healthcare representatives (with permission of the patient or family). Family members and caregivers are invited to participate by listening or singing with us.

Threshold Choirs honor all spiritual paths, but have no religious affiliation. We sing from our hearts. These soothing, simple, lullaby-like songs convey a calm presence and hold the messages of love, gratitude, compassion, grace, and peace. We bring the gift of our voices at tender times. Our service is a gift; there is  no cost.

Our Rehearsals

Cache Valley Threshold Singers holds rehearsals on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Terrace Grove Assisted Living Center, in the downstairs Activity Room. We are very grateful to the Sunshine Terrace Foundation in Logan, Utah for offering this facility to us for our rehearsals.

Most of us are not professional musicians, but singing for Threshold Choir does require a certain level and style of voice. Guidelines for singing with us include the ability to carry a tune, blend your voice, hold your part in harmony, sing softly, and communicate kindness. Some singers learn by reading music, and some learn by ear; all learning types are welcome.

Music composed for Threshold Choir repertoire specifically communicates serenity and presence. Since we are not a performance choir, we practice singing quietly together, carefully listening to one another, and always keeping in mind: "Never louder than lovely".

How to Contact Us

If you are interested in requesting a bedside visit or visiting a rehearsal, please email us. We look forward to bringing the blessing of songs to all those who may benefit.

[email protected]